Money Management. No maths degree required. We believe money management should be simple, secure and automatic.


Using machine learning, we know what you need to buy before you do and find you the best deals. Buy in just a tap, we do all the hard-work for you. 


Money Back Guarantee <3


We tailor our service just for you and your lifestyle. Doesn’t matter if your a teacher, a manager or a scuba diver, we have your back. 


You should be able to see all your finances in once place, regardless of who you bank with and this is exactly what we are building. 


Our artificial intelligence will manage your money for you, say goodbye to expensive financial advisors and bank managers forever, 


Through some clever magic, we are connecting your financial world into a single app, smart, integrated and always working for you.

Money ManagementSimple. Fun. Automatic.

Our vision has always been to create an money manager that works for you, not just produce a pretty graph or categorise your money.

Our service is much more than just money management, its a completely re-imagined experience. With QBick, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.